Furniturewheels for table legs

Furniture wheels for table legs
Material: PA6 insert / PA-wheel (tube 28-30 mm) and PA6 insert / PUR-wheel (tube 32-40 mm)

Tap elg steel
Standard color: black / grey
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Can also be delivered unassembled. Please inform if needed
Accessories: can adjust height when only using wheels for 2 table legs
All dimensions on this page are in mm

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Make your furniture movable with wheels for table legs

Table leg wheels are popular in schools, workplaces, or institutions where it should be easy to move tables or other furniture. In our range you will find:

PA plastic pipe legs of 28-40 mm for round pipes.

PA plastic pipe legs of 35x35 mm and 40x40 mm pipe legs for square pipes.

Table leg wheels made of PA plastic and grey PUR.

PA plastic pipe legs create a strong and durable product. Hub for our table leg wheel consists of the same material which provides excellent wear resistance and is a strong material. The PUR wheel track provides good cushioning and reduces spill-over to floors.

You can choose from different sizes with different load capacities to ensure that the wheels fit your furniture perfectly. We sell table legs with grey wheel track and pipe legs in black, which fit a wide range of furniture. Choose between table leg wheels for square or round pipes depending on which table leg they are to be mounted in.

Create flexibility and stability with wheels and pipe legs for your workbench

By putting wheels on your workbench, you can easily move it around as desired and create the working environment you need on the day. You move the furniture by lifting the table at one end. Pipe legs are mounted in legs at the opposite end to achieve the desired stability. By adding tube legs to two of the table legs, you can create a stable base no matter where you place your table. The pipe legs are designed to equalize height differences. The tube legs in our range are:

 MHRGL, GL 32 SPEC in TPE with anti-slip and 20-0038SPEC.

Find the right table leg wheels here at Martin Høft A/S Rolgros

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