Glide elements

Surface is spark eroded
Material: LDPE, PA
Standard color: Black
Some sizes also in white
Subject to minimum quantity or set-up costs, please ask
Shorter delivery times may occur
When making an inquiry or order, please inform outer diameter and gauge of tube

All measures on this page in mm

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Advantages of glides with nail and furniture glides

When it comes to taking good care of your floors and furniture, glides with nails and furniture sliders are perfect helpers. These small, practical elements protect your floors from scratches and abrasion, reduce noise and make it easier to move your furniture. In our selection you will find furniture glides with both felt pads and metal bases, which are suitable for different substrates. 


Different types of sliding shoes with felt and metal bases for your furniture

In our range you will find a wide selection of different types of glides that fit a variety of shapes on e.g. chair legs and pipe legs on tables and chairs. Our selection offers, among other things: 

Plastic glides with and without tab

Angled glides

Furniture glides with and without nails

Furniture tilt glides with ball joint

Sliding shoes with ball joints for round and square tubes

Metal and plastic sliding glides with either metal bases or welded felt on bases. 

Add a nice finish to chair legs and table legs with furniture glides

Furniture glides are more than just practical protection - they can also add an aesthetic dimension to your furniture. Enhance the look of your furniture with sliding shoes, angled glides or furniture glides in colors such as black or metal base. 

Tips for mounting, maintaining and choosing glides with or without nails

Below we have compiled a FAQ with frequently asked questions when it comes to glides and furniture sliders. 

How do I mount a glide?

It is easy to mount glides. Glides with and without adaptor ends are mounted by squeezing the sliding shoe around the pipe and are fastened using an adaptor end og just clicking them around the tube. They can be mounted up in pipes or hammered in with nails in wooden legs. Make sure you have the right size of glide, so it doesn't damage the floor. If glide is mounted with screw, please be aware of that the screw disappears into the hole so they are not able to damage the floor.

Does a piece of furniture glide need maintenance?

Over time, the furniture glide wears down due to use. It is therefore important to check for wear and damage. If the furniture glides have worn down a lot, it's time for a replacement so you can continue to take good care of your floors. If glides are with felt, check if it is worn down to avoid damage to the floor. 

Which piece of furniture glide should I choose?

Check your furniture's legs to find out if you need a glide with nail that can be hammered in, a square piece of furniture glide that can be pushed up into the furniture leg, or sliding shoes with angles and different shapes. Make sure that the dimensions of the sliding shoe fit the dimensions of your furniture leg. 

Personal and knowledgeable guidance at Martin Høft

If you are in doubt about what type of glides or furniture glides with nail you should invest in, you are always welcome to contact us at Martin Høft by email martin-hoeft@martin-hoeft.com or give us a call on tel. +45 86 28 37 11. We offer personal and knowledgeable service and guidance, so you can get the right products through the door. Contact us today and let us help you protect your floors and furniture.